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Welcome to SKL, the Canadian specialist in the manufacturing of aluminum heat transfer units, designed for all sectors

Aluminum Heat Transfer Parts

We provide Radiator Shops, industries, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with radiators, air coolers, oil coolers, condensers, and aluminum fuel coolers for all types of machinery. All our units are of industrial grade, high-resistance (heavy-duty) and come with a one-year warranty.

Replacement part request

Original Aluminum Cooling System

Are you an original equipment manufacturer (OEM)? Let us design and build your cooling systems. Introduce us at the design stage of your equipment. If you have a cooling system failure problem on existing equipment, our engineers will know how to solve it.

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Flexibility, Durability and Speed

We are a factory designed to produce custom-made units of any size in aluminum, individually or in small quantities. Fins designed to efficiently meet the highest heat transfer requirements in the industry, and extruded tubes that provide structural strength while optimizing heat transfer.

Why opt for SKL Aluminum?

  • Replacement cores (heavy duty)

  • Cores assembled by brazingcores

  • Cores that are compliant with engine manufacturers’ requirements

  • Aluminum is a 100% recyclable material

  • Aluminum is 70% lighter than copper

  • The thermal transfer per unit of volume of aluminum is greater than the one of copper alloys.

  • Complete units tested under high pressure

  • Quick service

  • Our engineering and design service for cooling system

  • Problem solving for equipment overheating problems and improving their performance

  • Our extensive network of distributors across Canada and the United States

May 2020
Mike McDonald - Manager Rene's Radiator Service

Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to tell you guys about (2) RADS that we are working on in our shop today…There is (2) KOMATSU WA500 Rads that came in for us to Diagnose… BOTH Rads had been Recored by you guys back in Apr 2011!! Yes, 2011… We had Cleaned & Tested both RADS and besides the Fins being bent over ( ALL Can be lifted up/repaired ) NO Issues/NO Leaks!!! Now that’s very impressive!!!… You know, lately it seems the World is only talking about the Negativity so its nice to hear about the Positivity!!!
Best Regards & Stay Safe.